Upcoming works schedule for 28 Portland Sq.

FRI 17th SEPT: toolstation clear out. to be moved downstairs to the workshop.(the toolstation will become the haklab – computers etc.)

MON 20th SEPT: electrics workday. the morning will compromise a basic guide to how electricity works coming into the building and how to fix it up. the afternoon will take those skills and using the list provided kindly by our sparky friend, sort out some of the stuff to do in the building.

TUE 21st SEPT: art room –  screen printing carousel parts need moving from classics for this day. setup art room, tables, shelves etc.

THU 23rd SEPT: safety day – making the building a safer more secure environment all who use it. inc. Fire drill.

TUE 28th SEPT: leaks. fixing all holes in roofs… above the penthouse sleeping rooms, in the workshop, and removing the metal drain pipe in the main room, to be replaced by plastic drain pipe.

WED 29th SEPT: kitchen. sourcing materials, cleaning up, and constructing the kitchen. come come. (to continue tomorrow)

THU 30th SEPT : function room and haklab. shelves n windows in func room, and moving all computers, printers etc. to the new haklab. need tables chairs etc.

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