Autonomous Spaces of Bristol Benefit

Kebele Sound Presents a Benefit for Autonomous Spaces of Bristol with music from:

Main stage:


Formed in Sunderland in 1990, taking their name from the initials of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, LSD chemist and sound engineer, AOS3 shot to fame on playing the free festival circuit including the infamous Castlemorton. Blending elements of Ska, Dub, Punk, and Psychedelic music the band represent a meeting of the rave and anarcho punk movements and became increasingly politicised after the ’94 Criminal Justice Act and persecution of the party scene. As the savage cuts trigger a new wave of  unrest and police repression they return to support the radical resistance.

Ruckus Collective

Bold as brass. Funkier than old socks. A constantly evolving palette of influences including funk, hip-hop, jazz, and rock with a punk attitude has drawn comparisons with the likes of Ozomatli and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but in reality it is impossible to categorise this remorselessly genre-smashing punk fusion party sound. Frenetic and unhinged they are a formidable live presence, ruckus indeed.

Primeval Soup

Former floating members of Collective Responsibility have simmered gently in a squatted garage in Brighton and have emerged a new, rich dish for your aural-nourishment.

Anarcoustic Lounge:

Intense and atmospheric blend of free-roaming vocal harmonies,  deep rooted folk, and urban poetry.

Baba Yagas Consort/Molly Samson

Street Lit/Bristol Voice Project

Room 3:

Rave room. KSC residents present a filthy respite to all that “proper” music.

Miss. Fit/Drugray/Peverly Knight


From 9 pm on Fri 3rd of December at Easton Community Center

£5 before 10pm, £7 after

Kebele Sound returns to E.C.C. for our biggest gig of the year, this time to raise funds for Autonomous Spaces of Bristol. This thriving network of projects collectively offer a range of activities and ‘services’ from debt advice,  bike maintenance and internet access to yoga and  self-healthcare as well as providing spaces to meet, eat and enjoy music,film and performance – AND ALL FOR FREE.

With no government funding they are run entirely by volunteers and aspire to include all regardless of race, gender, physical ability or other modes of difference. Part of a wider and growing network, Bristol’s autonomous spaces aim to reflect the world we want to see in our everyday actions and organising: a living working experiment in what we are told is impossible.

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