Factory Reading Group: Feb 16th – In Other Words, The Situation is Excellent

So, as agreed a couple of meetings ago, the reading group is getting going
again. It will meet every other wednesday at 6pm in the Function room at
the factory. Texts will be available online and in printed form at the
factory two weeks before the group meets. What we read is totally up to the
group. If you have something to suggest bring it along and if people up for
reading it and we can have it printed and distributed.

The next meet will be wednesday the 16th of Feb.

On the 16th we will be talking about: “in other words, the situation is
excellent – an interview with julien coupat” –

Julien Coupat is one of the Tarnac 9 – accused of sabotaging french
railway lines which the french state define as terrorism. The Tarnac 9 also
allegedly wrote the much loved/hated/parodied text ‘the coming
insurrection’. The interview, conducted in jail, contains a mix of him
talking about what happened and theorising about the political situation.
Given this mix, parts of it makes more sense than others but hey, part of
what’s cool about a reading group is the chance to bounce ideas back and
forth in a safe space and in doing so maybe make sense of the harder
bits… or indeed, to decide they are wak and sack off talking about them
completely in favour of the more practical stuff.

it’s at the factory in printed form or available to download here:

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