Factory events March 1-6

TUESDAY March 1 is, as always, people’s kitchen with food from 8pm & possibly a film afterwards. Help welcome cooking from 4pm.

WEDNESDAY March 2 has reading group & film & board games.
6pm – reading group on a few texts around ‘Giving up Activism.’ Copies are available to pick up in the infoshop or see more information here.

7pm – Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008)
Rockumentary charting failing Canadian heavy metal band Anvil. After a brief moment of fame in the 80s, the band slipped into obscurity, but refused to give up or stop churning out albums for over thirty years. Now in their fifties, will Lips and Robb finally achieve rock and roll stardom with a seemingly doomed tour of Europe. A hilarious study on the power of hope, delusion and permed mullets.

8pm – Boardgames in the function room.

THURSDAY March 3 – 7pm – Social centre meeting

FRIDAY March 4 – 6pm – Men confronting patriarchy meeting

SUNDAY March 6 – 11am- 6pm : Women’s skillshare day.
As part of celebrations for International Women’s Day, the Bristol anarcha-feminists present a day of practical wokshops run by and for women. We’re hoping to create a supportive environment to learn and share skills, especially in areas that women can often feel excluded from. There will be workshops in self-defence, carpentry, car maintenance and bicycle maintenance.

The day is open for women of all ages and experiences. (We’re not interested in policing anyone’s gender; trans and genderqueer people are welcome. Children of all genders are also welcome, though we’re not able to provide childcare, sorry.)

See the timetable at http://bristolanarchafeminists.wordpress.com/

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