Times announced for Animation Festival this Sunday 13th

Hey all,

Films will start showing at 1pm and will run until 6:30pm. Food will be available all day.

To download the PDF of the programme please click: Animation Festival Programme (Screen)

See you soon x

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SPEAK Campaigns Info Evening @ The Smiling Chair

Want to get involved in animal rights locally?
Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) and campaigners from SPEAK Campaign present…
– an update of the campaign against animal experiments in Oxford
– information about BARC’s current campaigns, and how you can get involved
– free hot drink and vegan cake!

Monday 7 March 2011
Refreshments from 7pm, talks start at 7.30pm



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Film at the smiling chair 2/2/11 6.30 pm

Tonight at the smiling chair, BAAT are hosting an anti-war film called ” The war you don’t see” by John Pilger.

Documentary-maker John Pilger has returned to a subject that can’t be revived often enough: the grotesque untruth of “weapons of mass destruction”: a cloudy concept, eagerly amplified and lent credibility by credulous and submissive journalists who, after 9/11, lost their nerve en masse. Pilger’s contention is that on Afghanistan, on Iraq and on Israel and the Palestinian territories, the mainstream media simply take the official line. The force of his film is in its contention that the colossal scale of civilian casualties is, within the grammar of news, downgraded in importance so that it doesn’t figure as news at all, but as all-but-invisible deep background to be ignored. Pilger gives due respect to WikiLeaks, although his praise for al-Jazeera’s independence is ironic, given that WikiLeaks has just revealed the possibility that the Qatar government is manipulating the channel.

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The Factory Festival of Animation – 13th Feb 2011



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Film Screening: Culture Clash on the Frontline – MON 20th DEC from 5PM

Culture Clash On The Front Line – from 5pm Monday 20th Dec @ the Factory, St Pauls

St Pauls has always had a certain notoriety in the city. Whispers and rumours abound as to what goes on here. Come watch a film that tells it how it is from the people that live here. ‘Culture Clash on the Frontline’ covers the last six decades of what is now the second largest Jamaican community in the world outside Jamaica. Told by the people in St Pauls, this is an emotive and intense story in which subsequent generations of Jamaican descendants recount their pasts and presents on screen. From mass migration into Bristol with British promises of prosperity, fighting segregation, workers rights, the introduction of drugs onto the streets by the government, the 1980s riots, armed police on the streets, St Pauls carnival every year, the Jamaican food, the Jamaican music, the continued community spirit, this film tracks decades of the goings on in Bristol’s famous district…

Forget the suspension bridge, forget those hot air balloons, forget Brunel – this is St Pauls, Bristol! With unique, never before seen footage, and a powerful sound track, ‘Culture Clash on the Frontline’ is a must see. This story lays down historical facts and community experiences that reflect the complexities of race in Bristol, directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and colonialism. Today, more than ever, it is essential to preserve and reflect on this heritage, so the peoples of Bristol, blacks and whites, can better comprehend their social surroundings and forge new relationships based in a better understanding of what has gone on…

There will be acoustic performances at about 7pm from local Jamaican folk artists –Troy Ellis, Lionel Andy and Tanteddy!

Food will be served from 6pm, by donations.

Entry is free (doors will open at 5pm)

28 Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8RU. Enter by the green on cave street (please keep quiet on the streets to respect residents and neighbours).

For help getting there, check the map: http://goo.gl/maps/Am5Y

For more imfo on the film check: http://www.youtube.com/jamaicansinbristol

For updates on the factory check: https://bristolspaceinvaders.wordpress.com/

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Autonomous Spaces of Bristol Benefit

Kebele Sound Presents a Benefit for Autonomous Spaces of Bristol with music from:

Main stage:


Formed in Sunderland in 1990, taking their name from the initials of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, LSD chemist and sound engineer, AOS3 shot to fame on playing the free festival circuit including the infamous Castlemorton. Blending elements of Ska, Dub, Punk, and Psychedelic music the band represent a meeting of the rave and anarcho punk movements and became increasingly politicised after the ’94 Criminal Justice Act and persecution of the party scene. As the savage cuts trigger a new wave of  unrest and police repression they return to support the radical resistance.

Ruckus Collective

Bold as brass. Funkier than old socks. A constantly evolving palette of influences including funk, hip-hop, jazz, and rock with a punk attitude has drawn comparisons with the likes of Ozomatli and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but in reality it is impossible to categorise this remorselessly genre-smashing punk fusion party sound. Frenetic and unhinged they are a formidable live presence, ruckus indeed.

Primeval Soup

Former floating members of Collective Responsibility have simmered gently in a squatted garage in Brighton and have emerged a new, rich dish for your aural-nourishment.

Anarcoustic Lounge:

Intense and atmospheric blend of free-roaming vocal harmonies,  deep rooted folk, and urban poetry.

Baba Yagas Consort/Molly Samson

Street Lit/Bristol Voice Project

Room 3:

Rave room. KSC residents present a filthy respite to all that “proper” music.

Miss. Fit/Drugray/Peverly Knight


From 9 pm on Fri 3rd of December at Easton Community Center

£5 before 10pm, £7 after

Kebele Sound returns to E.C.C. for our biggest gig of the year, this time to raise funds for Autonomous Spaces of Bristol. This thriving network of projects collectively offer a range of activities and ‘services’ from debt advice,  bike maintenance and internet access to yoga and  self-healthcare as well as providing spaces to meet, eat and enjoy music,film and performance – AND ALL FOR FREE.

With no government funding they are run entirely by volunteers and aspire to include all regardless of race, gender, physical ability or other modes of difference. Part of a wider and growing network, Bristol’s autonomous spaces aim to reflect the world we want to see in our everyday actions and organising: a living working experiment in what we are told is impossible.

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rumours of our death have been greatly exagerated

There may be some confusion as to the state of affairs at the factory – we’re still here and still open and still going! There have been threats of eviction but we are not going anywhere soon. So please come and use the space, below is a list of the different rooms we have up and running. There is a lot of potential for almost any type of project to go on.

Repair and maintenance of the space is constantly going on. The multiple roofs have been fixed, new drainage installed. Large amounts of floorboards and windows have been restored. Beams, joists and walls have been reinforced, repaired or simply reinstalled. Much has been done, but there’s still more to go if anyone enjoys this type of activity these are also ongoing projects to get involved in!

Please call or email for any information at all or drop in (ringing the doorbell by the green door on cave street) and come and see for yourself!

Here are the spaces we have up and running that are free and open for people to use, and bring any new ideas or projects to…


art room

-screen printing facilities (in progress, we need help and expertise – we have a carousel and space for a dark room, and a sink with running water)

-paint and other art materials

-massive work table and other work surfaces

-space for creating whatever you want

function room

-space for small and/or quiet events

-large room with sofas and armchairs and light

-has been used for meetings, discussion, yoga, dance practice, skillshares, meditation, board games nights, film screenings

-‘board game night’ is here every Wednesday night from 8pm

-‘social centre meetings’ are here every Thursday at 7pm

-‘men confronting patriarchy meetings’ are here every Friday at 6pm


-this is adjoining the function room and is a space for learning about herbal medicine

-this has many tinctures and herbs for medicinal use

-equipment (bottles, funnels, muslin cloth) to make your own tinctures, salves, oils etc.

-drying racks for your freshly foraged herbs

-books and information concerning nutrition, plants, gardening, herbs and more holistic ways to look after body and mind.

-please call, email or drop in to arrange a consultation time with ‘witches in tracksuits’ (the informal apothecary crew)


-computer room with printers, scanners and internet connection

-geek club meet here every Tuesday night at 6pm and are happy to help with fixing computers and installing linux, discussing networking, servers etc. come hang around and talk about geeky stuff!


-a smorgasbord of information concerning the social centre and other anarchist events within the city and beyond. (a table with a bunch of flyers on it)

-first aid kit

-incoming telephone

social centre bathroom and shower

-please come and use if you need



main room

-the largest room in the building

-suitable for a variety of different activities

-‘people’s kitchen’ runs here every Tuesday at 8pm (this is a donations based vegan dinner) with a film showing after

-self-defence training happens here on Wednesday at 6pm

-other events in this space are and have been: circus skills practice, cafes, tea parties, film nights, larger meetings and discussions

-we have a pool table

-there are two toilets adjoining this room

social centre kitchen

-currently in the process of building a massive kitchen looking onto portland square

-the old factory safe-room is now storage for vittels

market room

-at the moment this is where the bikes go, but will be the market room where fruit and veg will be given out for donations

bike workshop

-many salvaged bikes and parts to reassemble or fix up other bikes

workshop & tat room

-communal tools for using round the building

-building materials


-this room was totally destroyed by water damage coming in from the roof over the last few years.

-it has been saved but work needs to be done fixing the roofing better and turning the space into a cosy cinema room

also we have been very kindly donated an off-site allotment in st pauls, which has been going well and maybe requires some love before the frost


28 Portland Square

St Pauls




01179 249533

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Geek Club is back! @ factory Tuesday 19th October from 7-9pm.

“Geek Club” at The Factory, 28 Portland Square (entrance by way of green door on cave street)

Tuesday 19th October from 7-9pm.

After an extended hiatus while we found a new home, we are pleased to announce the return of “Geek Club” at the Factory.

– Got a problem with your PC or laptop?
– Want to try free, open source alternatives to Microsoft or Apple?
– Want to help recycle or re-purpose some hardware?
– Fancy helping setup an “internet cafe/edutainment centre”?

Then come to “Geek Club” at The Factory, 28 Portland Square Tuesday 19th October from 7-9pm.

You can also join our Google Group where you can ask for, or offer, help or kit.


Many thanks to the lovely people at The Factory for support and infrastructure!

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Apothecary Information and Wish List

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People’s Kitchen now at 28 Portland Square

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