The Spaces

Radical spaces now open!

The Emporium – 37 Stokes Croft

The Emporium is a horizontally-organised exhibition space; by using the space you become part of an on-going community project You have complete autonomy over your own show. This means that you organise it; you do the promotion and publicity, you get the keys, you man the space for the duration and you do your own clean up; you effectively ‘own’ the space for the duration of your show. To find out more see:

Classics Free Shop – 35 Stokes Croft

Shoplifters welcome! Classics free-shop is the big red and black building on stokes croft that stocks clothes, books, children’s toys, furniture and just about anything else donated by the local community to be taken by people from the area and any interested passers-by. It’s ran in a non-hierarchical way by volunteers which can be anyone including you! The shop is stocked completely by donations of unwanted items. So come to the Stokes Croft free-shop and bring, take or just look around and have a chat and if you want to help out just ask what needs to be done or when you could volunteer.
The shop is typically open Thurs-Sat, 2-5:30pm but often later.

The Smiling Chair – 40 Stokes Croft

At the moment includes a book- and zineshop, an ever growing lending library and a free cafe. The smiling chair is a community based, non hierarchical, not for profit project which is entirely run by volunteers. In times of corporate dominated media we see a need for radical counter-cultural spaces as to provide truly free information, room and food. We are usually open every day from 10-6 so come round and have a cup of tea, browse through the library or just have a chat. As every community based project, the smiling chair is what we, yes that includes you, make it so if you have got any ideas, criticism or you want to use the space, contact us via email or even better just come round and talk to us.

The Factory28 Portland Square

The ground floor and first floor are social centre space, that currently incorporates a function room, screen printing/art room, apothecary, large multi-functional space, facilities for film screenings, trapeze and more. We welcome community group use for meetings, workshops, activities and events. There is no charge for use of the space but in order to maintain the building we rely on donations and your participation in care taking.

We have open meetings every Thursday at 7PM, everyone is welcome. If you have a plan for a project or activity, or just want to get involved then come along.

There is a lot of building work being done on the building and help is always needed. We have work days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 noon. Come along and share your skills or learn some new ones.




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