The Smiling Chair

The Smiling Chair – 40 Stokes Croft

This small sqautted space currently includes a book and zine-shop, a free radical information point and an ever growing lending library and a free cafe. The space can also be booked for meetings workshops etc. also for free.

The smiling chair is a community based, non hierarchical, not for profit project which is entirely run by volunteers. In times of corporate dominated media and space we see a need for radical counter-cultural spaces as to provide truly free information, room and food.

We are usually open Wednesdays, Fridaydays and Saturdays from 2-6 so come round and have a cup of tea, browse through the library or come check our events and meettings that happen. As every community based project, the smiling chair is what we, yes that includes you, make it so if you have got any ideas, criticism or you want to use the space, contact us via email or even better just come round and talk to us.


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